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about us


CAD Tech Resources, Inc., makers of Projxs.

Founded in 1988 as CAD Tech Resources, Inc., we also offer web services as WindSage Technologies. As an IBM business partner and reseller, we initially developed applications in support of our clients using IBM CAD products. These applications were marketed as Drawing Management System, which managed drawing versions and layers; Space Management, which tracked space usage and produced colored floor plan plots from CAD drawings and SQL data; Short Cut, a drafting toolkit; and Electrical Layout, which was marketed worldwide by IBM.

Working with facilities management organizations, we found that our clients wanted support with their maintenance and project tracking operations. This led to the creation of an internal dynamic web application, which our client called "Folders". This was used to release work to vendors, track drawings, capture checklists, estimate large projects, receive and accept bids and track work through to completion. Today these concepts are available on the Internet as

WindSage Technologies has developed other internal web applications for our clients to interface with Maximo and to integrate Maximo with MRI. In addition, Projxs was customized to provide a dynamic web approval process for Maximo work orders based upon reporting structure and the cost estimate for the work.

Extensive use of Projxs as a file sharing tool, prompted us to announce Web Drawing Manager, which makes the drawing management portion of Projxs immediately available to you without need of customization.