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projxs features


Page Types

Pages can be organized in any layout that fits your project by selecting a name, a type and the order of the page in the list. Each page can have any name and page types can be used over and over to achieve the project organization that you require for each individual project.
  • file folder: a file repository of any file type - documents, spreadsheets, pictures, drawings, videos, mp3s and more.
  • announcements: notes posted for any purpose.
  • assignments: tasks assigned to a team member with a due date and a completion box.
  • confirmations: an announcement posted for selected team members, which requires their receipt confirmation.
  • other links: links to any web site - for review, for on line purchasing or for access to other web-based applications.
  • custom database: a database with custom defined columns for a page, where users can view, add, update and delete records.
  • team members: a list of team members for viewing by all team members and for adding, updating and deleting by project administrators.

Project Administration

  • build your entire project by entering a project name, selecting a previous project layout to copy and selecting the users of a previous project to participate in this new project.
  • easily add, delete or change folder or tab records to alter the project definition.
  • select team members from a pull down list or add new users on the spot.


  • hosted on the internet, projxs.com users can log on to their project from web browsers around the world.
  • users can use projxs.com in their own language with support for single and double byte character sets (NLS). Naming of projects, tabs and sub tabs and all data you enter can be in the language you choose.
  • you can specify a category for the entries posted on each page to group information and speed access.


  • use the "other links" page type to integrate key sites into your project.
  • link to projxs.com from your web site to provide a public view facility, while using projxs.com as an internal publishing capability to update your web site fast and easily.
  • create and link to your own web applications that can add function to your project.


  • projxs.com has been written with fast response to user in mind. It is hosted at a super fast data center that has direct high speed connectivity to the internet backbone.
  • excellent response to the pages is achieved even if your computer has a dial-up connection.
  • download and upload speed for large files will be directly related to the speed of your internet connection.


  • formal notifications are like posting a note, yet they maintain a log as each user confirms their receipt.
  • files can be locked with the flip of a switch so that no changes can be made.
  • no file is deleted, revisions are maintained and the file history and previous versions are easily veiwable.
  • assignments and confirmations automatically alert users of their posting by e-mail or pager, and upon completion the originator is likewise alerted.